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PRX Partners With GreenSky Development Group for Renewable Project Development and Consulting Services 

PRX Energy and GreenSky have partnered to provide renewable project investment advisory and due diligence services to the institutional, commercial and industrial market seeking cost-effective carbon reduction and neutrality. Together, the partnership can purchase renewable energy direct from generation assets or develop of on-site renewable generation using available land and capital.  We bring the resources needed to design, develop, finance and operate solar and wind generators to bring low cost renewable energy into our client's energy portfolios.

PRX Energy Acknowledged at Penn State Solar Groundbreaking

PRX was acknowledged for its contributions to the 70MW solar project in Franklin County, PA.  For over 12 months, PRX advised Penn State University during its negotiations and PPA structuring process to secure over 100,000 MWh or solar electricity for the next 25 years allowing it to meet critical GHG emission reduction goals related to the University's climate action plan. 

Managing the Procurement of Electricity and Natural Gas University and Industrial Locations Throughout the U.S. 

PRX Energy is licensed in many of the deregulated energy markets including:

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • New Jersey

In addition, PRX Energy operates throughout the U.S. where competition exists or wholesale markets are accessible

  • New York

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

  • Virginia

PRX Energy Partners with a Commercial Property Developer in the NY/NJ Market to Develop and Own Rooftop Solar Assets

PRX Energy developed a solar business for a commercial real estate company to develop and own solar assets installed on the rooftops of owned warehouses throughout the NY and NJ markets.  A business plan was developed to partner with a regional solar developer under open book terms to jointly design, develop, market and operate solar over 15 solar projects.  The client generated millions in financial returns to augment lease revenues and improve the marketability of the properties to key tenants.

PRX Energy Manages a Higher Education Consortium in Indiana to Leverage Scale and Reduce Energy Costs

Over the past 10 years, PRX Energy built a consortium of higher education institutions in the deregulated Indiana natural gas market.  The group works together to purchase natural gas at scale to minimize cost and obtain budget certainty and savings.  Over the years, PRX Energy has advised the group on the timing and structuring of purchases and provides on-going monthly reports showing he current value of energy contracts and the price trends for future terms following current contract expiration.  The group relies on our experience assessing market opportunities and recommending on-going transactions.

PRX Energy Arranged and Managed a Remote Net Metering Solar Project for a Mining Company Using Reclaimed Land to Save $100,000/Year

PRX Energy manages the development of reclaimed mining properties to provide renewable energy to the mining operations of a garnet mining company in upstate NY. The first project was a remote net metered project structured to provide approximately $100,000 in savings over a 20 year term.  PRX Energy identified through RFP a qualified developer, negotiated the PPA, managed the construction and currently monitors that operations.  The procurement strategy for electricity was adapted to the solar project and now acts in concert with the project savings to mitigate the net metering risks and maintain budget certainty.

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