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            ABOUT PRX ENERGY

PRX Energy is a value-oriented energy brokerage firm that is focused on reducing energy costs, promoting renewable power, and ensuring long-term energy security. 

We provide independent expertise and creative perspectives to identify and implement energy strategies that are closely aligned with client goals and requirements. 


PRX empowers institutional, commercial, and manufacturing energy consumers with tools and expertise to 

  • Develop effective energy strategies

  • Reduce energy cost

  • Manage competitive market and tariff rate exposure

  • Improve budget performance and year-over-year stability

  • Set and achieve important sustainability goals

Unlike traditional energy brokers and consultants, PRX Energy works in active cooperation with our clients to enhance internal capabilities, provide external perspective, and leverage cutting-edge procurement technology to deliver meaningful results. 

Our founders have proven over the past 30 years that with the right tools and support businesses can consistently reach their energy and related sustainability goals.

President's Message


PRX Energy was established to provide the institutional and private sector market with an experienced, independent partner in the pursuit of energy procurement savings, renewable energy projects, and long-term wholesale market transactions. During my 30+ years in the energy business, I have seen end-users and asset operators receive limited and at times misleading advice from their suppliers and other vendors aimed at benefiting their own bottom line. Facilities managers and procurement professionals are often left feeling good about a deal that has hidden risks and leaves substantial savings still on the table.

I have committed my career to providing experience and insights to clients so they may fully understand the strategic options they have to meet their short- and long-term energy requirements and key financial and sustainability goals. With a clear strategy in mind, we work together to compete qualified sellers, developers, and performance contractors and negotiate the terms of a contract that represent a mutually beneficial transaction.

Given the uncertainty and volatility in energy markets and ever-changing regulations and incentives, I am certain that every energy consumer has room for improvement in their energy strategy and transactions. PRX Energy can provide you with a quick no or low-cost assessment of your energy portfolio to identify your areas of improvement. We only get paid when we find you an opportunity, so why not give us a shot? Our clients are glad they did and you will be too.

Thank you for considering PRX Energy as your strategic energy partner.


Gregg C. Shively
President, PRX Energy

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