Advisory Services for Municipal Electric Utility

PRX Energy has been retained to provide electricity advisory services to a wholesale municipal utility in the PJM market.  Services include negotiation of the client's distribution interconnect agreement, wholesale electric supply, tariff rate review and financial modeling.  PRX has saved the over $500,000 by restructuring the supply agreements and is working to deploy the savings on capital improvement projects.

Rooftop Solar for Commercial Real Estate Developer

A commercial retail development company is utilizing PRX Energy to value and structure rooftop solar applications on its new commercial projects with top retailer and tech company tenants.  PRX is evaluating savings potential and PPA rates required for desired ROI under a self financing model.

PRX Energy Will Present its Integrated Energy Portfolio at IDEA 2018

PRX Energy will present the the benefits and of its Integrated Energy Portfolio at the International District Energy Association conference in Baltimore, MD on March 16th.  PRX and Penn State will present a recent case study involving Penn State's use of the IEP to plan its renewable energy strategy and GHG goals.

PRX Negotiates-20 Year PPA in CA

PRX has completed negotiations for a rooftop solar project in Sacramento, CA for a healthcare services company.  The project will save approximately $1.5 million NPV with a downside projection of just under $1.0 million.  PRX provided savings analysis, PPA inputs for termination costs and buyout, modeled tariff rates and solar offsets and negotiated key terms of the PPA and met with the customer's Board for project approval.

Medical Device Manufacturer Saves 8% on Energy Budget

PRX provide risk managment and procurement support for a medical device manufacture that depends heavily on the cost and reliability of electricity and natural gas.  By actively monitoring energy prices and budget impacts of price volatility, PRX is able to make timely recommendations for energy purchases that will minimize budget volatility and maximize year over year cost reductions.  PRX took advantage of a declining market to secure additional energy positions and increase savings to budget for the next three fiscal years.