PRX Energy Presents Solar Strategy to Council of Regional Govternments in Central PA

PRX met with 5 regaional governments, the regional water authority and local school district system to present options and value propositions for incorporating solar into their procurement strategy.  PRX was invited to present the approach used successfully to support Penn State Univ. with its recent PPA.  

Utility Scale Solar for Large University

PRX, in support of a large university client, has completed and released an extensive RFP for the purchase of solar energy from a utility scale projected located in the PJM.  Expected savings against the university's projected baseline electricity costs total over $2 million NPV for the term of a 20 year PPA.

PRX Concludes 4th Year with Strong Growth

PRX Energy concluded its 4th year of operations posting its fourth year of double digit growth and has a strong business pipeline with over 50% of revenues extending into FY 2020.

Advisory Services for Municipal Electric Utility

PRX Energy has been retained to provide electricity advisory services to a wholesale municipal utility in the PJM market.  Services include negotiation of the client's distribution interconnect agreement, wholesale electric supply, tariff rate review and financial modeling.  PRX has saved the over $500,000 by restructuring the supply agreements and is working to deploy the savings on capital improvement projects.

Rooftop Solar for Commercial Real Estate Developer

A commercial retail development company is utilizing PRX Energy to value and structure rooftop solar applications on its new commercial projects with top retailer and tech company tenants.  PRX is evaluating savings potential and PPA rates required for desired ROI under a self financing model.