Mission Statement

PRX Energy’s Local Energy Hubs address common, local energy challenges and opportunities by leveraging innovation, scalability, and competition to reduce energy costs AND achieve sustainability goals

Value Proposition

By providing expertise and resources to local, leading energy consumers, the Local Energy Hubs deliver:

  • Lower energy costs through more scalable purchases and heightened competition
  • Experienced consulting and analytic resources to screen opportunities and justify investments
  • A comprehensive long-term energy portfolio including strategies to reduce energy budgets and market exposure over time
  • Larger-scale economics to pursue energy initiatives that may not be as viable at an individual level
  • Peer-level collaboration providing access to successful strategies used locally and regionally to reduce energy cost and use and increase use of renewable energy and energy conservation projects

How the Hub Works

PRX Energy works to understand the energy needs of individual businesses and institutions and recommend opportunities for Hubs participants to work together to increase their scale in the market and pursue transactions with more leverage and market power than they are able to exert individually. By increasing the scale of purchases, Hub participants can pursue opportunities such as renewable energy with better ROI and more favorable contract terms.